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Hello friends! I’m back with another guide to complete our series of how to react to vainglory heroes’ CC (crowd control) abilities that can make or break a match. This time, we are covering Jungler heroes. Before 3.8, the meta (arguably) consisted of a utility jungler rather than a damage-based one. Utility heroes are those that provide crowd control in team fights or some form of peel to stop enemies from chasing carries. Heroes like Tony, Grumpjaw and Glaive were almost always the go-to heroes for jungling, not just because they are mainly jungle heroes but because of the utility-based abilities they have.

As a Celeste main, I lost count of how many times I got Afterburned by Glaive (A) to the midst of the enemy team only to get melted before I could run. You don’t want that to happen to you, trust me. Losing a hyper carry very early, in most cases, means losing the teamfight. So, without further ado, let’s practice how to block Glaive’s A as well as other CC abilities of Jungler heroes on the rise.

I’d like to thank my sister, IGN: gloriousfood for doing the videos with me. So, less talk. Let’s jump down to the helpful tips.

You can click on a specific hero below to jump straight to their section.


Tanky hero that can place you out of position and stun you to death.

(A) Afterburn

Glaive rushes to a target location damaging enemies all along his path. His next basic attack will knock you back 5.5 meters away and briefly stun you.

TIP: To use this effectively, Glaive would hide in the bush before he presses A and rushes forward with a basic attack to the target. So, the first tip is to have vision. When there is a Glaive in the enemy team, he will likely gank either your top or mid lane, so make sure you have vision in the bushes or at least know where he is on the mini-map.

TIP: There is a visual indicator of the ability for as long as it is active. After pressing A, Glaive’s axe will light up. This will last for a few seconds and if he can’t basic attack anyone within that time range, the ability will expire. So, if you are a carry and positioned away from him – as in away from his A range, he will end up stunning your frontline tankers. So, next step is positioning. Stay away from him if you are an immobile mage. Seriously don’t get near.

TIP: Reflex block. If he can manoeuvre his way to the backline and get to you, reflex block his Afterburn because right after his A, he will use his B and deal massive damage, quite possibly may one-hit you (spoken from Celeste experience). Below is a video on how to block his A. Take note of where he lands after the initial charge because his distance from you equals to the amount of time you have to block the stun. The closer he is to you after he charges forward, the faster he can knock you back and stun to the grave.


A loveable hero who’s a great ally and a dangerous enemy. Grumpjaw is rather tanky and has both a slow and an infamous disabling CC.

(A) Grumpy

Grumpjaw charges forward and does AOE damage in front of him, slowing all enemies hit by 65% up to 2.5 seconds (overdriven).

TIP: Keep distance. This ability doesn’t have a lot of range so carry heroes, if careful, can dodge this effectively. For mid-range carries, you can stutter step this. Vox or Idris can easily dodge this with their dash abilities.

TIP: If you are low on health and being chased, check out the video below on how to block it. One indicator is the sound (roar?) he makes before he actually charges forth. If he’s really close, block as soon as you hear the sound.

(ULT) Stuffed

Grumpjaw lunges forward and eats the first enemy hero in his path. Inside his belly, the enemy hero can’t do ANYTHING for 3 seconds. It’s like being stunned AND being repositioned in the favour of the enemy. Expect to be in a really bad shape soon after he spits you out.

TIP: This ability has a very quick startup and the only visual indicator you will see are arrows on the ground, which can be difficult what with Grumpjaw being as big as he is.

TIP: If you can, practice recognising the ability by the sound Grumpjaw makes. His ULT makes a much more distinct sound (roar?) compared to his A. Check it out for yourself and compare the two vids.


A mech-riding teenager who can stun you and delete you in an instant with her devastating ULT.

(A) Rocket Leap

Joule leaps to a target direction stunning enemies caught underneath her for up to 1.5 seconds (overdriven). Enemies near the target direction are knocked away.

TIP: There is a visual indicator which is quite easy to see before Joule lands her stun. With practice, it is easy to dodge. You will see a small area form on the ground where she is going to land. If CC-chained however… for example, if Joule has a Malene and roots you in place and Joule plans to stun you next, you might need to reflex block. Both heroes can easily remove all traces of you from Sovereign’s rise. Rip.


A ferocious little cat with a very high potential to snowball. A good Koshka can easily harass laners early game and make it hard for the enemy team to recover.

(ULT) Yummy Catnip Frenzy

Koshka leaps at her target stunning them for 2.2 seconds.

TIP: It is very easy to block. There’s no way to dodge it because it’s like an auto-attack but it’s one of the easiest single-target CC to spot (might be equally ranked with Ozo’s ult). The visual indicator is a huge exclamation mark (!) on Koshka and “anime” eyes near her target hero before she leaps.


Undead monster that has like a built in Shiversteel and a rather long stun. Also, he never dies in a 1v1 against melee.

(Perk) Shadows Empower Me

Krul stays in the bush for 1 second and gets empowered meaning his next basic attacks (while perk is active) will slow the enemy by 40% for 2.5 seconds. This doesn’t have a cooldown. Well, technically it does, as it’s only active briefly after Krul leaves the bushes but Krul can reactivate it anytime he spends a second in the bushes again.

TIP: Vision. Always have vision in the bushes and in the jungle if there is a Krul in the enemy team. His perk gives him a Shiversteel-like ability which is a nightmare to deal with for immobile carries (Celeste, Skaarf, etc).

TIP: If you see a Krul rushing to you from the bushes, he didn’t use his boots. It’s his perk giving him speed boost and he’s gonna slow you down when he basic attacks you soon after so reflex block if you are not in a position to fight. Take note that each of his basic attack causes the slow (until his perk expires) and one reflex block might not be enough for that so right after you block, keep distance. That means, use your other abilities to stay away from Krul and just kite him. For immobile heroes, use your boots to create that distance.

(ULT) From Hell’s Heart

Krul pulls the sword from his chest and throws it out toward a target direction. The sword will boomerang back to Krul. If it hits an enemy, the enemy gets stunned. Stun duration scales with the distance the sword has travelled.

TIP: If you see Krul throwing his sword backwards, chances are he didn’t get it wrong. He’s making it travel far and he will run to you to stun you longer. The downside of that (for Krul) is that the ability becomes way too obvious and you can easily dodge or block it.

TIP: Krul can also use his ULT to stun at point blank or mid range. Although the stun is shorter, it is much harder to block because the animation is a lot quicker. Our friend from the community, IGN Vexaeus (Instagram / Twitter) shared the video below on how he blocked Krul’s mid range stun in an actual game. Notice how Krul stops in his tracks and changes his stance to throw the sword. Vexaeus blocks just right before the sword hits him. This is very hard to notice when Krul is coming from the bushes to deliberately stun (a dying enemy). In that case, again, there must be vision or it’d be close to impossible to avoid the stun, and the death to follow.


The hero that makes you wanna dodge battle royale. Seriously though, Ozo is just a fun-loving creature like his friend Koshka. Also he has a stun that’s just as recognisable as hers.

(ULT) Bangarang

Ozo rolls toward a target and stuns them for 0.8 seconds. He then flips the target over him.

TIP: You can’t dodge this either because it has like a basic-attack effect. If you are within Ozo’s range, you’re in a position to be stunned and flipped over. Just reflex block it. It’s quite easy, if not THE easiest single-target CC to block.

TIP: It has both a visual indicator (a smiley? above the target) and a very familiar sound. You can use either to time your block.


This old man, he plays VainGlory. He has a root (B) and a stun (ULT). The utility he has makes up for his lack of mobility. Only Krul can beat him in a melee 1v1.

(Perk) Frostguard

Reim’s perk lets him chill enemies he has damaged. A chilled target is then slowed for 0.6 seconds by Reim’s basic attacks.

TIP: This is not worth a reflex block. Instead, for non-melee heroes, just dodge his A (which is a ranged AOE) and you will be fine. Reim is too immobile to chase and will depend on his other abilities to catch up. For melee heroes, don’t engage him in a 1v1 unless you are Krul. The only time you should be slowed by his perk is during a team fight where your ranged heroes can destroy Reim from the backline.

(B) Chill Winds

Reim does AOE damage around him and roots all surrounding enemies who are chilled (previously damaged by Reim with his A).

TIP: The range of this is pretty irrelevant. He can only really root melee heroes unless he uses his boots to get close to a ranged carry. When that happens and you are the carry, you are better off predicting that he will try to root you (if you got hit by his A) and block as soon as he gets near. Can’t rely on the visual cue as this ability is almost instantaneous. Check out the vid below and see for yourself.

(ULT) Valkyrie

This is Reim’s only CC that’s worth blocking in 5v5 (as of 3.8). He summons the Valkyrie stunning enemies caught underneath the figure and slowing down enemies surrounding the target area. It has a very obvious visual cue, so it’s easy to block.


Tony is the tankier version of Baptiste when it comes to utility. All his abilities have CC and peel. He is so awesome.

(A) Jawbreaker

Upon activation, Tony’s next three basic attacks are empowered, increasing his movement speed as he attacks. The third basic attack becomes a stun.

TIP: Just count his basic attacks. After the second, prepare the reflex block.

(B) Trash talk

Tony hurls insults to all enemies in a target direction in front of him (the shape of an ice cream cone). Enemies hit are forced to attack him for 0.8 seconds.

TIP: The visual cue is the cone AOE that’s displayed before the ability takes effect. It’s fairly easy to dodge. Just stutter step to avoid it or reflex block.

(ULT) Bada Boom

Tony dashes to a target location, knocking away all enemies caught in the area. This is a great ability if used correctly as it ruins enemy teams’ positioning. A good Tony will use this to isolate enemy carry then chain the rest of his CC abilities to keep the enemy long enough for his team (or him) to get the kill.

TIP: It has a fairly quick startup but there’s a large round area as a visual cue where Tony is going to land. So, as soon as you see that, crucible to save your carries.

If you have made it this far, I hope you learned something new. The way things are now in VainGlory 5v5, it seems that utility heroes will remain meta so learning how to react to their CC abilities will decide the fate of your matches. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestion, you can DM me on Twitter. Don’t forget to share to your noob friends to make them better!



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