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Hey everyone, whaddap. This is GeniusAwesome bringing you another helpful guide to git gud at VainGlory. 3.8 has brought grand changes in the meta, especially in 5v5 and with the addition of VainGlory’s newest hero, Inara: the protector of the forest, Sovereign’s Rise is an entirely new adventure. Today, we’ll be looking at Inara, what she does, how she works and how she fits into our hero pool. And what better way to do that than hear from a pro Jungler! Quatervois from Team Impunity has generously given us insights on how to play Inara and how to rock at that too. Check out his video below for a sick gameplay. Oh and before I forget, I’m giving away a free Inara hero and a free ‘Nightblade’ Inara skin so scroll down below for the instructions on how to get them!

Interview with Quatervois

GeniusAwesome: Inara is categorized as a jungler but is she viable as a laner?

Quatervois: Best played as jungler, perhaps only workable in top lane, but not recommended.

GeniusAwesome: Which item path should Inara go for?

Quatervois: Most people play it WP, I prefer it utility CP.

GeniusAwesome: Is Inara an early or late game hero?

Quatervois: Early-Mid game jungling monster. Late game, great utility from her ultimate ability.

GeniusAwesome: What is Inara’s ideal build?

Quatervois: Stormcrown, Spellfire, Halcyon Chargers, Broken Myth, Aegis and Husk

GeniusAwesome: How does her B work? When do you use it? Can you block it?

Quatervois: [Her B] works similarly to Lance’s B but [within] a smaller area of effect and shorter distance travelled for knockback. [It] stuns when target collides against a wall [or structure]. Can be used to knock enemy carries back to your own team, or into the wall to stun them.

[It] can be used to cancel animations [channeling abilities] as well i.e [Ardan’s] Gauntlet, Grumpjaw’s A and Ult, etc. [It] can also be used to kick enemy front-liners backwards, giving you a way to jump to them and get to their backline carries. It can also be used to go over short walls by kicking in the opposite direction of where the wall is.

It can be blocked only by anticipation and game sense as the animation is instant.

GeniusAwesome: When should we use her ULT?

Quatervois: Early to mid, [use it to] get to places to steal camps and/or gank. Late game, [at the] start of team fights.

GeniusAwesome: When should I draft Inara or what enemy comp is she strong against?

Quatervois: [She is] strong against late game scaling hero comps (i.e. Baron, Skaarf, Phinn). [She] prevents them from scaling by taking gold and experience away [starving enemy].

GeniusAwesome: How do I draft against Inara or what comp is she weak against?

Quatervois: Draft CC-heavy heroes or early game heroes into Inara. An underfed Inara is essentially useless the whole game.

GeniusAwesome: Do you think Inara a balanced hero?

Quatervois: In terms of damage numbers, abilities and mechanics, [she’s] pretty underpowered. In terms of flexibility and using her to prevent late-game heroes from scaling, [she’s] pretty balanced.

GeniusAwesome: Finally, what are your comments / opinions on Inara?

Quatervois: She’s a utility hero in an assassin disguise. One of the hardest heroes to pull off due to the high level of macro-play required with her. She’s fun!


Thank you Quater-senpai for teaching us your ways! If you want more, go visit his youtube channel where you’ll find helpful tips and overpowered gameplays!


3 Inara heroes and 3 ‘Nightblade’ Inara skins to be given away. This will be done via Twitter so see my twitter post below.

Winners will be announced on Sunday!



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