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Hello VainGlorians, it’s KiDDy, here to bring to you a brand new series of guides and tips on the 3v3 scene in VainGlory. Have you felt like you always have to go solo-Q whenever you want to play a ranked game because your friends are too busy for that? And that you feel frustrated whenever you’re on the losing end? Well, this is the guide for you. I’ll be covering:

  • Keys To Drafting Efficiently
  • Key Points to Note in Early Game
  • How to Use Certain Heroes Efficiently
  • Key to Winning the Game.

These will be broken down into 4 different posts so make sure you check em’ all out. In this post, I will be covering on How To Draft Efficiently.

Also, I’ll use “OP” and “meta” terms interchangeably, but they mean the same thing.

Drafting Phase

Most people think that, “If I have all the ‘OP’ heroes in my team, I’ll win for sure!“. If you’re not one of them who thinks like that, good. If you are, please Ctrl, Alt and Del that thought out of your mind. Every hero in VainGlory has a counter. There will never be a hero with no counter (except Maxbob). Even your highest ban rate, Anka, too. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s proceed.

Team A

Team A has the first ban and first pick.

  • Leave the “OP” heroes open if you can play them. If not, ban them.

Self-explanatory. Check out vgpro.gg/heroes to know who’s considered meta or OP in current patch.

When it’s enemy’s turn to ban, naturally, they will ban the most meta hero to prevent your team from picking that first.

But let’s say, they don’t ban a meta hero. What should you pick?

  • Pick the meta hero if you or anyone in your team can play.

This is a no-brainer. As much as we want the game to be balanced, and although all heroes have counters, there are just cases when a hero is broken *cough-Magnus-cough*. But take note, choose a meta hero only if you or any in your soloq team can play it. If not, then don’t bother because that meta hero has a counter and if your enemy is skilled with a counter hero, you’ll be at a disadvantage.

  • Pick a good Captain.

I personally think that all Captains are good, depending on how well you play them. But it would be wise to pick from the meta list (in addition to picking from your own hero pool – the heroes you can actually play). In patch 3.9, Lorelai and Phinn are fairly good. Grace and Churnwalker are generally well-balanced in most of the patches. The point is, pick a meta captain you can play, if not, pick your best captain hero with less counters (i.e., Ardan).

Next is the 4th and 5th (Team A 2nd and 3rd) pick: The Jungler and the Laner. If, let’s say, Team B chooses a Captain for their first pick too, the Jungler and Laner heroes in your team should be Saw and Petal. No! I’m joking. Don’t insta-lock them unless you wanna get pinged constantly during your game. Back to my point, the Jungler and Laner should have synergy like Krul and Celeste, for example, and should counter what Team B has already chosen (enemy’s captain hero or at least the enemy Jungler).

  • Pick Laner & Jungler with good synergy and counters enemy’s picked heroes.

That’s pretty much it for the draft in Team A.

Team B

Team B has the second ban with the 2nd and 3rd hero pick.

  • Again, Captain first. Unless meta heroes (that you can play) are open.

And, don’t lock in the hero just yet. Use the time you have wisely to draft against Team A’s Captain (or whichever is their first pick). I suggest that Team B’s 2nd pick should be the Jungler, unless Team A left meta heroes open that you and your soloq team can play, then pick those instead.

  • Pick a jungler.

Suggested Junglers are Alpha, Koshka or Anka. These are some of the heroes which I feel have less counters than most and have a good early game damage for early engage on teamfights (3v3).

Having the last pick, laner/carry would be recommended. Reason being laners are key factors in pushing turrets and winning the game.

  • Laner / Carry should be your last pick.

Go for a laner that counters at least 2 of the enemy heroes. Best is to have a laner that counters the enemy laner as it would be easier to gain the upper hand in the laning phase. If possible, choose a laner that counters 2 enemy heroes and does not get countered by the last enemy hero. Also, don’t forget about the hero synergies to execute flawless team fights.

And there my friends, is half your battle won. 🙂


Hi! I'm a Semi-Competitive VainGlory player and has been playing ever since the day this game was released and I would say that this game has changed my life. Here I am, writing some cool guides to help players to understand and play the game better! Cheers! 😀

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