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“… All this time, I have been used.” Lorelai sighed as she balanced a bubble between her fingers. Her hair, normally swishing about in the water, lay flat against her face as she recalled the faint smile on Adagio’s face before he left. The demonic smile of a djinn that was using dragons to usher the land into a realm of darkness. It bothered, no, terrified her that darkness would soon cover the world of mankind.

“He was using the dragon eggs to destroy. He seemed so nice. Who knew he had such an evil plan?” she thought to herself. Wrapped up in her own thoughts, she didn’t see the jellyfish whoosh past, and it zapped her, taking her by surprise. Her bubble popped, and she sighed again. As much as Adagio troubled her, the so-called “queen” that came just five belly tickles ago troubled her even more. She tried to imagine what the “queen” wanted to accomplish with so many dragon eggs. Maybe… she was in league with Adagio. Maybe they both wanted to destroy the world.

“Yes, that was it,” She told herself.

Lorelai had always lived a good life. a simple life, a life where she tended to her coral gardens, danced with pearls, and tickled the belly of Archelon every year he passed by. She liked the simple things in life (Although oranges, she felt, are delicacies not at all simple), and she was far from a thrill-chaser.

Yet, there was a feeling that persisted, something she had never felt before. A sickening, bubbly feeling that traveled from her chest to the tip of her tail. It told her to take action, to try and right her wrongs. It told her to stop the destruction that would sweep the land, the destruction that she had helped bring about. It told her to head up… to land.

She sighed and hugged her pearl close to her chest. She could easily forget all this had happened. Just a few moments, and the sea would wash it all away, as had happened with many other fleeting memories. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes, she still remembered. Trying again, she tried to relax her mind and let it go. She couldn’t.

She didn’t want to go, for this serenity of the ocean was a heaven for her. The gentle currents brushing against her hair, the bubbles tickling her scales, and the games with the clams and anemone were all she had known for her long, long life, and she loved it. She hated to leave it behind. Yet, a new feeling of duty had surfaced. This was much more than just her. She would go onto land. She would save the world.

Lorelai had a big heart, a kind heart. A heart as big as the world, and as kind as Mother Nature herself. She would help anyone she met, everyone she met. She would right her wrongs, and make the world serene once again.

“Up.” She said. And up she went.


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